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Professional Safari Tour Guide For Africa

Explore a new way of traveling with Limelight Safari Africa Ltd. As a dedicated Safari Tour Guide since 1983, we know plenty of great travel tips and the best hidden spots, Continental. Join one of our guided tours and get ready for an unforgettable experience. If you’d like to design your own tour, get in touch directly and we are always more than happy to work with your requests.

Holiday Memory of Lifetime 

African's Are Telling Africa holiday Destination Stories Intercontinental.

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Eastern Africa Holiday Destination

Kenya, Uganda​​,Tanzania​, Ethiopia​, Malawi​ and Zanzibar

Central Africa Holiday Destination

Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda and Gabon

Southern Africa Holiday destination

Botswana, Namibia​​, Mozambique​, South Africa​, Zambia​ Zimbabwe​, Seychelles​. Madagascar

Western African Holiday Destination

​​​Ghana, Cameroon, Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria​, Ivory Coast and Mauritius 

Air Lime Company Direct to Africa On Limelight Safari

British Airway, Kenya Airway, Ethiopia Airline, South Africa Airways, Takisha Airline, KLMAir France, Rwandan Airline, Qatar Airway, Arab Emirate & 540

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