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Limelight Africa 10th of Thousands of Destination Africa wide Under one Roof, Limelight Empire Co.

Updated: May 13

Join us to Reach and Inspire Africa Holiday Destinations

Africa Holiday Story Telling Both Geographical and Historical.

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Stunning Media Results and Social Solutions for Africa Tourism Marketing Overseas Committed To Africa Tourism Telling African Tourism Story's both Geographical, Historical, culture, Fashion, Music, Art, & Traditions all under one roof, when you think Africa? remember "LIMELIGHT Africa"

Committed to Promote, Market, Advertise Africa Tourism And Providing Touring and holiday services for Africa to its holiday makers. Hotels Accommodations, Game Drive - None as Safari, Picnics, Comping site, City Tours, Bush Tours, Apartments, Holiday Villas and Lodges, In Europe, America and Asia.

Africa is known as one of the best destinations for Adventure, With it's 10,000s of Historical Landmarks, Cultural Museum, Game Reserve, Traditions, It's Great Hospitality, With its Friendly People, Africa wide, Limelight has brought it all at one Roof.


Adventure Tailor Made Africa, "Awaits." Holiday & Safari Expert Of Africa In 2006 the dream of Limelight media began; we examined the market place and discovered it’s potential. We combine the standard of Local experience with the international expertise to provide professional approach within the Hotels, Lodges, game drives, Safari management and shared ownership. We are a group that is registered in England, Scotland and Wales. Committed to marketing Africa overseas.

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Africa Top Tourist Destination, Land makers. Together we can make this destinations noticed. Worldwide, to Africa tourism market Abroad and Africa wide. Given the size and diversity of the African continent, choosing just ten destinations for this bucket-list article was no easy task. Of course, the places that top your must-see list will depend on your personal interests and preferences - but here, we look at ten of Africa's most evocative, iconic and unshakable spots. ​ Kenya's Maasai Mara is a wonderland of spectacular scenery, colorful native culture and unparalleled wildlife-spotting opportunities. The park connects to Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, and together, the two parks create the ultimate safari destination. This is your best bet for spotting the in a single morning, and for witnessing East Africa's famous In the Maasai Mara, hot-air balloon safaris offer a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience

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